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Get your device repaired in just three easy steps

If the glass/LCD is cracked, has a distorted image, no image, or is malfunctioning.
Charging Port
Phone not charging or not powering up when plugged on charger? Contact us
Your phone mic seems faulty or not working? Contact us.
Home button
Home button sticky, or not responding? Contact us.
Phone speaking not working or faulty? Contact us.
Front/Rare camera not working? Contact us.
Power Button</ Have faulty power button/port? Give us a call.
Your phone battery doesn't hold charge, or not charging. This could be as a result of a faulty battery.
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If the glass/LCD is cracked, has a distorted image, no image, or is malfunctioning.
Charging Port</Charging port not working or faulty? Contact us.
Microphone not working, poor audio, or faulty mic? Contact us.
Home button
Home button or touch ID not working? Contact us.
Speaker not working or faulty? Contact us.
Camera not working or seems faulty? Contact us.
Power Button
Struggled to power your tablet on or button not working? Contact us
Battery doesn't hold charge or not charging? Contact us.
select your device
To check your device to know what's wrong is completely FREE.
Charging Port
If the glass/LCD is cracked, has a distorted image, no image, or is malfunctioning. We can help..
Your laptop power port not working? Contact us.
Home button
Key missing or keyboard not working? It might be time to replace your laptop keyboard.
Computer do sometimes accumulate a lot of dust. Sometimes cleaning dust off can smooth running of your laptop.
Your running hot or fan running abnormal? This could be as a result of a faulty CPU fan..
Replace your dead or faulty laptop battery.
This is to install hardware like RAM, Circuit board, MS Office etc.
select your device
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Hard Drive
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select your device

How Does It Works

Get your device repaired in just three easy steps

You`re here

Step 1. Tell us your Issue

Help us detailing the device problem to get it working properly again.

Step 2. Get repair estimate

Check the repair Price estimate.

Step 3. Bring or courier device

Handover your device at our office or chooses device pickup, courier and a doorstep service.

ittsforall computer repair

We fix computer and mobile phone

Some Frequently Asked Questions

We can Solve your Hardware and Software Problems

Buy, Sell, Trade

Don’t want to fix your phone? Just want the latest gadget?

We have many options to get you going again. Just because you signed a service contract with your cell phone carrier doesn’t mean you have to keep a phone that you’re no longer happy with.

  • We will give you cash for your used or broken device.
  • Bring in your device to get paid. Conditions applies.
  • Sit back & relax. Enjoy our service at your convenience.

Our Technicians are Ready to Fix Your Device!

From iPhones to iPads to the latest and greatest devices, your local office can repair your computer, cell phone or tablet in 30-45 minutes at your home, or office. Repair duration depends on device problem and parts availability.


Professionally Certified

Setting the industry standard for device repair, the cell phone and tablet repair expertise of every technician is ensured through Certification programs.

Rigorously Verified

Multiple interviews, background checks, and certification requirements guarantee we are the best at repairing your devices.

Completely Prepared

Rest assured that each repair made by your ITTSforAll is at a location of your choice and is also protected with our Ninety Day Repair Warranty.

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