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Are you having a problem with a cracked phone screen or a computer virus that’s affecting performance or usability of your device?

We all been there at one point or another. You have to wonder what do you do or where do you go? You cant trust anyone with your precious memories or stories.

The idea of not being able to access your contacts, email and pictures can be very heartbreaking. How often do you not have your phone? Its an investment that you cant just part with.

Lots of companies offer too good to be true deals and more times than not, it is. Electronics need specialist to repair them. Choose ITTSforAll for your IT solutions. We also sell various software systems.

We offer professional services and our technicians are experts in Apple, Android, Blackberry and Microsoft devices. Therefore, you are in good hands and we will always be honest if we can fix it or not.

We have a policy whereby if a client brings their device to us and we are unable to fix it, then we do not charge the client for anything. Hence the slogan, “No Fix No Pay”.

We offer reasonable prices to cater to everyone.

Stop by ITTSforAll for your electronic services.

We are just a phone call away.

Do you want to repair your computer or  mobile phone?

Save 10% OFF today on repair. Call us today to book your appointment with a tech.

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