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PC Repair

The computer is your home's command central.Whether your looking to set up, secure or repair your machine, we've got the know-how, tools and dedication to get the job done. Many of our local PC Doctors know Apples and MACs inside out, and they can come to your home, business or you can bring it in for in store repair to cure any problems that you might be having with your equipment.

In case any another kind of issue surfaced at your PC's screen simply use our contact form to get in touch with us and we will give you evaluation on the cost of repair.

Mac Repair Service

We try to complete most on-site repairs in 3 hours. Any repair taking longer than 3 hours our technicians may request to take your computer back to our shop for repair. Service Includes: -Mac Hardrive Repair -Water Damage Repair/Diagnostics -Mac LCD Screen Repair/Replacement -Spinning Beach-Ball / Cursor -Charging Port Repair -Cracked hinges or Panels

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-Mac Diagnostic Service -Mac Water Damage Repair -Memory Installation/Upgrade -Mac OS installation -Motherboard Repair -Charging Port Repair