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Access your world, virtually anywhere with Microsoft office 365

Protect your irreplaceable files with Microsoft office 365 with file recovery options.

Microsoft Office 365 is a one solution for you and your family across all your devices. Office 365 included premium Microsoft office apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher and

Access. Other services included with office 365 included Microsoft OneDrive and Microsoft Skype. Create your most brilliant work with Office 365. Get premium versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and more. Work from anywhere on all your devices and always have the latest up-to-date apps. Plus, 1 TB of OneDrive storage. With Micirisft Office 365 fully installed on your PC or Mac, you do not need any Internet access to create or edit documents. You can seamlessly work on your office files with or without access to internet connection.

Edit naturally, review easily with Word

Use ink intuitively to edit documents directly with Ink Editor. Strike through words to delete, circle text to select, and automatically snap highlighter ink to text.

Get the most with Microsoft 365 for home or business. 

Get Office 365 for home for $99.99 per year or buy at $9.99 per month or try it free for one month. Office 365 is a one solution for and your family across multiple devices and you can installed it on up to 6 users on PC or Mac computer. Each person on your Office 365 account will be allocated 1 TB of OneDrive storage. This makes automatic data back up and recovery much easy in case disaster happens or you want to access your data from another device.

Get office 365 Personal for $69.99 per year or buy at $6.99 per month. Microsoft office 365 is a one solution for you across all your devices. this includes Microsoft office 365 premium apps for 1 user on PC or Apple Mac. The apps included with Office 365 personal are Words, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher (PC only), and  Access (PC only). It also comes with service apps such as OneDrive and Skype.

Get Microsoft Office Home & Student 2019 for $149.99 for one device only for PC or Mac. One-time purchase. Microsoft office Home and Student 2019 is essential for individuals to get it all done. The most commonly use and classic version of the Microsoft Office apps installed on 1 PC or Mac.  The apps included with office 2019 are Word, Excel and PowerPoint. No other service apps are included with office Home and Student 2019.

Access your files across your devices with OneDrive

View and share files saved in OneDrive from your iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Automatically back up your photos and videos from your mobile device.

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